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In the book you mentioned that either Talend or Spring Batch can be used for ETL. Can you please tell me what are the pros and cons of each. When would you use one over the other.

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Re: Talend or Spring Batch
ETL vs frameworks like Spring Batch is a broad topic smilie

there's a nice post about that on the Spring Batch forum:

I think you can find more if you google "Spring Batch vs ETL"

I'm not an ETL expert, but to me, these tools are typically based on a graphical user interface (not always, but usually), used for BI scenarios or data synchronization between systems. They also provide connectors (database, file, FTP, etc).

Spring Batch is a framework, it needs development skills but provide a lot of flexibility (it's quite easy to plug some existing business logic in the jobs). It isn't limited to read/process/scenario (even if it's good at it) and allows also for complex flows in the jobs.

I hope this answers your question and don't hesitate to take a look at the link to the Spring Batch forum.

thanks for your interest in the book!