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rfrayne (2) [Avatar] Offline
Page 4, section 1.3, last paragraph: 'more popular broac-reach gaming platform'

two sentences later: 'gamesThere'

Fantastic first chapter. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading it. I'll be purchasing the MEAP today to help support your fam... I mean hobbies!
Psychlist1972 (177) [Avatar] Offline
Re: some typos

The chapters in the MEAP haven't gone through any proof reading yet, so there will be lots of typos in there.

Chapter 1 will have a bunch of changes soon; I need to update it for the final feature list and the restructured chapter numbers
rfrayne (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: some typos
OK, I'll resist the urge to post any additional typos I find! smilie
jhurdlow (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: some typos
Pete, when would you like us to start reporting typos, etc...? I just purchased the MEAP and I'm seeing errata while browsing through it. Should we still hold-off for an editorial pass first, or post things we find now?
Psychlist1972 (177) [Avatar] Offline
Re: some typos
If you see *technical* issues/errors (incorrect code, facts, etc.), please go ahead and report them. Also, if a sentence doesn't make sense for one reason or another, report that.

Grammar, typos, etc. will all be addressed by the editing process that gets everything from the MEAP state to print.

jhurdlow (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: some typos
Ok, thanks Pete.

I'm going to report this typo because it's in a diagram and might get missed:

Figure 3.1 "Downloiad XAP" should be "Download XAP"
mikestre (46) [Avatar] Offline
Re: some typos
In section 3.3.2 "Clarifying the initial experience", there is an error in the code:

inplaceInstallPrompt: true,

should be:

inplaceInstallPrompt: "true",