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iapazmino (10) [Avatar] Offline

I'm trying to build the ch17-dbunit projecto with maven (3.0.3) but the project's parent pom can't be resolved.


The error message is as follows

[ERROR] The project com.manning.junitbook:ch17-dbunit:2.0-SNAPSHOT (/home/iapazmino/workspace/jee6/ch17-dbunit/pom.xml) has 1 error
[ERROR] Non-resolvable parent POM: Could not find artifact com.manning.junitbook:junit-in-action-II:pom:2.0-SNAPSHOT and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM @ line 20, column 10 -> [Help 2]

Is it still published? Should I add a new repository?
Thanks in advance
iapazmino (10) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Parent POM for dbunit not resolved
Sorry, I did not notice I should unpack the whole zip and not just the chapter I'm interested in.

Building is failing at compilation of the test code ELContextImpl

[ERROR] /home/iapazmino/workspace/sandbox/junitbook2/ch17-dbunit/src/test/java/com/manning/junitbook/ch17/dbunit/[48,31] cannot find symbol
[ERROR] symbol : method newInstance()
[ERROR] location: class javax.el.ExpressionFactory

Weird part is the api-doc says the method does exist

I checked the scope and is OK set to test, and looked for other versions for javax.el:el-api but 1.0 is the only one I could find. Now I'm using javax.el:javax.el-api:2.2.1

Results :

Tests run: 14, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 2