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tinker123 (3) [Avatar] Offline
I was at my last job a long time and have gotten very behind the rest of the Java world. The place where I worked used a proprietary in-house MVC framework, a very old version of Java and other legacy technology.

I feel a bit like the cliche of the Japanese solider from WWII who is discovered several decades later living marooned on an isolated island and told that the war has long been over.

I bought the second edition of the book as a starting place for scraping the rust off of my Java skills.

I found the size overwhelming, so I was grateful a few weeks later to discover the much smaller third edition, even though I just laid out money for the second edition. I was just so happy to see what I needed to know cut down to a third of the size.

Huge improvement! Thank you Manning!

The author is very talented at explaining the concepts and making them far less abstract to the reader.

I think the book could be greatly improved with a "build as you go" example to help cement the concepts down and give the reader a structure ( dare I say "framework" ) to organize the readings in his/her head.

I think putting Part 3 earlier in the book would have been a huge help too. I understand web applications and I understand MVC frameworks. Seeing how Spring does it sooner would have helped me get a grasp on things quicker.

It be like if I was a man from the 19th century who knew horse drawn carriages, who built many and who wanted to learn about cars. Starting off by showing me an actual car, getting me in the car, showing me the basic controls and showing me the basic structure would be extremely helpful. Instead, that didn't happen. In the first 2/3 of the book I just got to examine each part of a car isolated by itself.

The analogies in the book, the lessons on AOP and the lessons on DI were golden. The book should have gotten sooner into "this is a framework, this is a Spring web app" would have helped, as well as a build-as-you-go example functioning as a spine runnin
bbaron (61) [Avatar] Offline
Re: My impressions of the book so far
I like your analogy of the 19th century man trying to understand cars. I feel the same way you do about a lot of books that dive into specifics, without a breadth first introduction. It's like the authors or editors are trying to avoid referencing concepts in the early part of the book before covering the details of the concept.

You should return your 2nd edition for a refund, because the pdf is available for free with purchase of the 3rd edition.