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babysnake (3) [Avatar] Offline
downloaded the installer and ran it
there is no Python 2.5 in the start menu, so I can't start IDLE and start example 1
there is an IDLE batch file down in the Csmilieython2.5 directory but starting it gives an error message

Not very confidence building when step 1 in the book fails. The idea of buying the book in the first place was that we wouldn't have to try and figure out how to install everything to get started smilie

windows 7 64 bit non-admin account if it makes a difference

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babysnake (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: can't even get started
Yikes, and uninstalling Hello World from the control panel left all of the Python stuff on the computer. One installer for it all should mean one uninstaller for it all.

Very frustrated, you expect a kid to be able to get started with this?
warren.sande (211) [Avatar] Offline
Re: can't even get started
I'm sorry to hear you're having frustrations. That's certainly no way to start!

My best guess is that you need Admin privileges to install Python correctly. (That may also be why it won't uninstall properly, either.)

This is a common problem with a lot of software on Windows.

If you can log in as Administrator (or a user account that has administrator privileges), it should work. Let us know.

Warren and Carter Sande
Bennjamin (27) [Avatar] Offline
Re: can't even get started
if you do manage to get it uninstalled and installed correctly, i wish you luck!! Python is a lot of fun to learn, and i enjoyed it!! hope you do too!! smilie

Good luck,