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noplex (1) [Avatar] Offline

I'm pretty sure I'm being a bit dim, and I am very new to Processing, but I'm having a real problem positioning the custom function on Page 63, which returns a random value.

Wherever I put the code chunk - in amongst the code made during the previous few listings - I get an error message "It looks like your mixing "active" and "static" modes."

Is it me (likely) or is there a problem with the listing?

haha1111 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Page 63, Ch 3
The error message is non-obvious. If you follow the sequence of the examples in the book, you 'll get the error. The problem is the main program is not in a function. When it encounter a new function declaration, it barfed. To fix the error, put the main function as part of setup(){} . i.e.

//add this
void setup() {

//insert listing 3.2
float xstep = 1;
float lastx = -999;
lasty = y;
//add this
//now the function
float customRandom() {
float retValue = 1 - pow(random(1), 5);
return retValue;