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Looking at the book information on Manning, the MEAP was started almost two years ago. The last post in this forum was almost five months ago.

No disrespect to the author, but noting the time difference between when the book was started and now, will this book still be relevant with respect to Python 3.X.X? (this will be my first book on Python).

Thank you
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Re: Is this book still alive??
I just bought this MEAP and I'm disappointed in all the errors I'm finding and as well as the fact that the book seems to have stalled.
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Re: Is this book still alive??
Plus no one seems to be monitoring this forum.

Bought "The Quick Python Book, Second Edition" instead. The book is different, but it has some great reviews on Amazon and the author of that forum is responsive.

Good luck with the MEAP.
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Only to those of us who are still slowly chipping away at each chapter.