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stanlick (307) [Avatar] Offline
Can someone point me to instructions on How To build the source?

SteveH1UK (24) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Building examples
The early ones have maven 2 pom files so you can build these with maven.

For some reason the later ones come with gradle. I needed to download gradle and then run it by cd into the directory (e.g. Spitter) and then I rand gradle build and also gradle eclipse.

When I opened up eclipse I still needed to manually fiddle the classpath.
stanlick (307) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Building examples
Thanks Steve --

Isn't it the case where we always have to fiddle with it?

Scott Stanlick
ranajit (13) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Building examples
I tried to go to the build path and add all the jars . but still the compilation error in the test is not going away and the pom.xml still shows error.

1, I am using SpringSource Tool for making the projects. the projects i am making is spring project. Should it be Maven project or Gradle project ? Should it not autodetect the project. I tried to import the project via folders but was not successful. When i created new project with the path, it successfully created but i created the project as spring project.

2. How do i know which project is normal java project , maven project or gradle project.

3. The pom.xml showed error. you folks manually changed this file ?

4. Any environment variable should be set to IDE or eclipse or the system itself ? Let me know which ones
ranajit (13) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Building examples
Other thing i notice is only way to run the examples is via the Junit tests. I am facing problem here too as TestContextManager is not able to load the Objects by autowire... finding it really difficult.