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nobeans (1) [Avatar] Offline

Thank you for writing about GroovyServ. Great!
I've read section 19.3 and found some points which may be incorrect.

1) P.295
- The Python version takes 0.3 seconds
+ The Python version takes 0.03 seconds

2) P.295
> GroovyServ properly tracks the current working directory,
> executing your scripts out of the directory from which they
> were called, which is why a native application is required.

GroovyServ surely manages to handle the CWD,
but it's reason only for using JNA in groovyserver.
That's not a reason that groovyclient is a native command.
It's just only for startup speed and another technical reason: 'select' function.

If groovyclient is written by Groovy,'s nonsense (no improvement).
If groovyclient is written by ShellScript, there isn't the "select" function (cf. 'man select') by which groovyclient gets both the response from server and the stdin from console.

So, groovyclient must be written by C.

Yasuharu Nakano / nobeans
The committer of GroovyServ
HamletDRC (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 19.3, about GroovyServ
Thanks nobeans! I will update the chapter.