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I'm trying to use the Amazon TagLookup Service detailed on page 367. I can't seem to find any good documentation from Amazon, does someone have pointers to docs?

I got my Access Key from amazon, but when I submit{MyAccessKey}&Operation=TagLookup&ResponseGroup=Tags,Small&Version=2007-07-16&

I get the following response:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <TagLookupErrorResponse xmlns="">
- <Error>
<Message>The request must contain the parameter Signature.</Message>
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Re: Amazon TagLookup Rest Service

I just realize that I haven't been receiving notifications from Manning's forum for a while.
It looks like I have a few threads to catch up.

I haven't had any time to update the sample source code, but Amazon has changed the requirements for their API some time ago.
Signed requests are now required. That's why you get an error about a missing Signature parameter.

The following page should help you:

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Re: Amazon TagLookup Rest Service
Actually, I documented this in the errata a while ago but had forgotten about it.
See "Chapter 10, pages 367, 369, 371 and 373" on

The source code is updated.

There I point to