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Hi. Love this book.
It really explains things very well and is very easy to follow and get a good start using EE.

However, I wish chapter 1 existed as an appendix and in its place more code samples so I do not have to be in front of PC to see everything. Or, Chap 1 stuff could be disbursed inside the later chapters when something concrete is really being covered.

I did not red Chap 1 because I knew that it would be meaningless, forgotten, and/or over my head.

I found starting at Chap 2 were concrete stuff started was my best approach.

I am now in Chapter 4 and I have to say I think about this book all the time. I cannot wait to pick it up again the next morning or when I get on the train.

Please follow my advice in the 2nd Ed. I am certain many other are thinking the same thing.

Oh. Stop mentioning EJB 2. Its a waste of time.
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Re: Just bought book. Extremely happy but.
I have not setup the environment or anything at alll I just read.

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