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megachucky (17) [Avatar] Offline

I am playing with the scala code of the book source code. I also downloaded camel-scala sources from svn. I use IntelliJ IDEA as IDE. Probably all of you do use it too, because it is the only one with good Scala support yet?

I have created several Scala routes, beans, processors. Everything works fine. But I cannot manage to get a simple Camel test running. First I tried to use CamelTestSupport. After asking google I found out, that I should use "extends ContextTestSupport with RouteBuilderSupport". Everything compiles fine. But I cannot start the test (using run configuration as scala test).
The error in IntelliJ IDEA is: "Error running RunFileToFileTest: Not found suite class"
How can I start these tests? Do I need a specific Runner when I start it? Or do I need another Run Configuration in IntelliJ IDEA when I start it?

I also looked at the camel-scala component, there you have a class ScalaTestSupport which uses ContextTestSupport. Do I have to compile and use it?

Here is my example:

package test

import org.apache.camel.scala.dsl.builder.{RouteBuilderSupport, RouteBuilder}
import org.apache.camel.{ContextTestSupport, Exchange}

class FileToFileTest extends ContextTestSupport with RouteBuilderSupport {

override def createRouteBuilder = new RouteBuilder {

"direct:start" ==> {
onCompletion(containsHello(_)) {

def containsHello(exchange: Exchange) = exchange.getIn().getBody(classOf[String]).contains("Hello");

I also tried out another simple ScalaTest example. This one works perfectly:

package test

import java.lang.StringBuilder
import collection.mutable.ListBuffer
import org.junit.{Test, Before}
import org.junit.Assert._
import org.scalatest.junit.JUnitSuite

class UsingScalaTest extends JUnitSuite {
var sb: StringBuilder = _
var lb: ListBuffer[String] = _

@Before def init {
sb = new StringBuilder("ScalaTest is ")
lb = new ListBuffer[String]

@Test def verifyEasy() { // Uses JUnit-style assertions
assertEquals("ScalaTest is easy!", sb.toString)
lb += "sweet"
try {
catch {
case e: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException => // Expected

@Test def verifyFun() { // Uses ScalaTest assertions
assert(sb.toString === "ScalaTest is fun!")
lb += "sweeter"
intercept[StringIndexOutOfBoundsException] {


So my question is: How can I run a real Camel-Test? Or does there exists any downloadable Scala-Camel example which also uses CamelTestSupport or ContextTestSupport? I only found some examples at github which do not use these classes smilie

Thanks for some hints...

Best regards,
davsclaus (413) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Testing camel-scala Code

You can check out the unit tests in camel-scala component from the Camel source code