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johnrellis (3) [Avatar] Offline

Here's just some small mistakes I came across while reading the first part of Chapter 9.

Chapter 9

Should be "A singleton is a pattern that intends to ensure that..."??? but is :
A singleton is pattern intends to ensure that only one instance of an object exists within your system at a time.

'know' instead of 'known'
All fields in an @Immutable class must also be marked Immutable, or be of a know immutable time like a primitive, String, Color,
or URI. Known 'effectively immutable' fields are also handled.

Starting sentence with But??? Not sure if this is an issue, it just doesn't feel right, maybe it's just me.
The @Log annotation first creates a logger for you based on the name of your class. But then it wraps any logging method with a conditional checking if that level is enabled before trying to execute the logging line.

'are' mispelt as 'tare'
One problem with this is that correct concurrent code is hard to write, and problems tare often introduced as frequently as they are solved.

Hope this helps smilie
HamletDRC (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 9 Mistakes
Thanks John, I will get this updated.