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Inspired (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi I'm new to Groovy(and Java) and have been building scripts that adhere to Java convention...

anyhow I keep hitting :-
"error from processor - invokespecial on invalid target (class: <scriptname> method: super$3$<methodname>Ljava/lang/Objectsmilie at pc: 1
java.lang.VerifyError: invokespecial on invalid target (class: <scriptname> method: super$3$<methodname>()Ljava/lang/Objectsmilie at pc: 1

I did some research and it appears VerifyError "means that the class file contains bytecode that is syntactically correct but violates some semantic restriction e.g. a jump target that crosses method boundaries." That sounds reasonable, however I get this for what would appear other reasons. Now let me explain, if the method is part of a super class I get the error; if I then move the super class to be loaded as a seperate script an explictly call the same methods prefixed with the class name it works!!!

Originally I thought this was a nesting support issue as I always saw super$3$..., however I have also had this where the error was super$2$...
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Re: super$n$methodname
Hi "Inspired",

this topic is more concerned with Groovy in general than with the book specifically. Therefore you get better responses and help users with same issues better if you post this to
You best also submit the offending code with your request.

all the best