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gogogogo (3) [Avatar] Offline
hello, i am totally new to Sencha and js programming. I was able after many attempts to have chapter 2 app running.

I just have one problem left, I noticed in Chrome debugger that (! model) always evalutes to FALSE, so even if no contacts are on the right list ! model returns true. This gives of course a bad behaviour when clicking on the Delete button and no contacts are there.

Could you please tell me why this happens, is this related to the differences between 1.0 and 1.1 versions?

The 2 places where this happen are:

onBtnTap : function(btn) {
var contactForm = this.items.items[0],
leftDock = this.getDockedItems() [1],
model = contactForm.getRecord(),
contactList = leftDock.items.items[0];

if (btn.action === 'deleteContact' && ! model) { <--HERE


deleteContact : function(dataObj) {
var model = dataObj.model,
modelStore =;

if (! model) { <--HERE
edde_se (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: in chapter 2 long example ! model always evaluates to true - help

This will happen if you press the "New" button and then immediately press the "Delete" button before you save the new record. When you press the "New" button you create a new record and hence the model will exist. The "Delete" button is really only needed if the model also exists in the store so it's probably better to check for the existance of a store.


if (! model) {


if (! modelStore) {

gogogogo (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: in chapter 2 long example ! model always evaluates to true - help
Thanks for the reply, I did as you suggest, now ti works ok if there are no items on the left, but in case there are I cannot delete anymore. So it still doesn't work perfectly