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Hi Josh,

The title of Chapter 11 is a bit coarse grained.
Have you already an idea what topics you will cover in it?
Will you talk about delimited continuations?

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Re: Ch. 11 Functional Programming
Hi Det,

The Deilmited Continuations section will most likely be in an Appendix.

I'm writing the FP chapter currently. It starts off with a 'Config' class which turns out to be the Reader Monad. We then go into discussions of Monads, combinators, type classes and the general notion of type algebra/calculus. This chapter might need to be split into 2 depending on length. I plan to cover Iteratee I/O for it's excellent example of how to thread control Monads and compose functionality with flatMap/for-expressions and also the similarities between a 'fold' method and pattern matching.

If you have any other ideas, I'm more than willing to entertain. Delimited continuations (specifically the CPS plugin) is a bit much to also fit into this chapter.

- Josh
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Re: Ch. 11 Functional Programming
Thanks Josh, so I'm looking forward to Ch. 11 smilie and the appendix too.