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I realize this is probably too late of a suggestion at this point in the publishing processes, but:

I think going back to the circuit breaker example in this unity's chapter Interception section, breaks up the train of thought that was being laid by the meal and menu samples from the preceding unity sections. I think it would have been much better to continue with preparing a meal examples for interception, perhaps by using cooking times or temperatures, or some other meal preparation activity to illustrate interception. This would have continued with the original train of thought and presented us with another example on how to use interception.

Going back to the circuit breaker example really forces one to go back and review the interception chapter and go back to the unity. For me it really broke my train of thought. Then that was compounded by later returning to the meal examples for property injection. IMHO using the breaker example for interception did not do justice to the rest of the otherwise excellent Unity chapter, or add much enlightenment to the interception in Unity.

Just my two cents worth...
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Re: Unity Chapter 14 - Interception 14.3.4 - Suggestion
Thanks for the feedback. Although I've never had this particular issue raised before, I can definitely see what you mean.

The reason I chose to do it like that was to enable the reader to compare the interception APIs across the three different containers. Since Castle Windsor's interception API is introduced in chapter 9 I believe that a more 'meaty' (pardon the pun) example was warranted, and that's why I chose to implement Circuit Breaker and exception handling. The meal and menu examples would have been out of place in chapter 9, I think.

You could apply the same criticism to the Spring.NET chapter, as it follows the same template as the Unity chapter, so in any case it would be too big a change at this stage in the production process.
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Re: Unity Chapter 14 - Interception 14.3.4 - Suggestion
I completely understand your point. Thank you for a very fine book on DI.