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How does this book relate to Android in Action? I guess it is a better book to buy if you got basic android down.

Will there android sdk version 11 (Honeycomb) receive some attention in the book?

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Re: 2 Questions about the book
1. This book has a more in-depth and advanced focus than the "in Action" series (and it should be quite a bit larger). Now that said, it still covers a lot of the basics in the early chapters as a foundation. There will undoubtedly be some overlap, but the concepts are a bit different.

2. We have added a chapter specifically to deal with Honeycomb and Honeycomb-ish features (those features that have been backported). Chapter 15 now will focus on that, and we've moved some of the web development related material into an appendix. So yes, we have some Honeycomb stuff.