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planewryter (4) [Avatar] Offline

Truly enjoying the MEAP version of Sencha Touch in Action. Genius.

Thought you might like to know that some readers are not making the leap to Sencha Touch from Ext JS...we're coming from somewhere else. For us, there are some Sencha idioms whose nature/purpose are unclear...would you consider embellishing your helpful book for the new-to-Sencha-reader?

Here's two quick examples:

1. Beginning on page 38, there's reference(s) to various superclasses. While superclassing is probably understood by most readers (the "how")--in the abstract--would you clarify why superclassing is the preferred approach? Why does Sencha Touch require superclassing in the way it does?

2. Also beginning on page 38 are a series of references to register our class as an XType. While I think I grok the idea of "registering XTypes," again, your clarification of this concept would be most helpful.

Many, many thanks for what is shaping up to be a great (and valuable!) tutorial...thanks for the contribution, and I (like many) look forward to your progressive progress!

Best regards,
Plane Wryter
publicjs (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Some Readers Aren't...
Yes, agree....second this request
bastard (7) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Some Readers Aren't...
Yep, totally agree. The book seems to be plagued with the authors Curse of Knowledge. Most readers are not coming from ExtJS
Bob_S (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Some Readers Aren't...
Let me throw in a ditto and a ...but also remember that some of us are coming here with NO javascript experience but were lured here by a promise(?) of an easy way to develop mobile applications.

Having said that, I know that little in learning how to program is easy <grin/> it is just not as painful as other methods.