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m.dr (70) [Avatar] Offline
I am trying to run a R script and show results in cmd window.

So In using R CMD BATCH fileName.R /dev/tty which works fine ...

Its understandable that the libraries are loaded every time a file is run which is time-consuming.

So to avoid loading the libraries every time I run R and source(fileName.R).
Which runs the fileName.R script but does not show any output on screen.

But there seems to be no way to do a sink(/dev/tty) or such so that when I do a source(fileName.R) the output shows up (on screen) including plots ... and solves the dilemma of having to load the libraries each time.

I am assuming there is as I found the way to just show output from R CMD BATCH and not echo the script, but cant seem to find a way to:

- run the script AND
- not have to load libraries every time AND
- show outputs on terminal.

Thanks for your help.
m.dr (70) [Avatar] Offline
Re: running R files
Thanks - I got this sorted out.
I needed to use the print cmd!
staran (8) [Avatar] Offline
Re: running R files
Do you mind sharing what you did to resolve the problem? Thanks a lot.