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I'm an admirer of ExtJS in Action, Jay's previous book. I used it to get up to speed on Sencha Touch. It helped quite a bit.

The only quibble I had with it (other than the extensive coverage of the GridPanel component, which I couldn't use in Sencha Touch - not anyone's fault) was the lack of a complete app, showing how to tie the components together using best practices, until the final chapters of the book. But when the application was discussed, it was incredibly full featured and really showed how to build something using ExtJS. But I do wish there had been a "mini-app" demonstrated before that point.

I'm very happy to see in the new book that an application is shown within the first hundred pages. This will help considerably in showing how to build a proper Sencha Touch program outside of a stuffed "onReady()" method. I think this is an excellent way to go about things and my props to the authors.