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Hi, Josh.

I saw the discussion about chapter six, and I have a suggestion. With regard to the type keyword, have you thought about comparing it to the val keyword? The work pretty much the same way, except one is for types at compile time, and the other is for instances at run time.

I'm not sure if it would muddle the issue or make it clearer. Likely, it would do one or the other depending on the reader. smilie
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Re: The type keyword -- chapter 6
That's a good suggestion, and I'll try to incorporate it. I think I'd compare the type keyword to the def keyword, since the type keyword can define higher-kinded types.

Another issue with my coverage of the type keyword is that I state the type keyword "creates" a type, when it actually just names a structural type.

Please keep feeding back suggestions for Chapter 6. I'm hoping to strike a balance between 'correct use of academic terms' and 'approachable for software engineers'.

- Josh