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victor.savkin (1) [Avatar] Offline
Page 219:

One of guard clauses is:
if (!astNodes || ) return

This line of code can't be compiled. Probably it should be something like:
if (!astNodes) return OR if (!astNodes || !sourceUnit) return

Page 218:

@GroovyASTTransformationClass ([examples.MainTransformation])
value is String[], not Class[], so it can't be compiled.

Some suggestions:
1. It'd be great to see more about compile phases. Just a few paragraphs per phase describing what Groovy compiler adds to AST would be enough. In my view, current description of each phase (about a sentence per phase) is too short and doesn't cover the difference between CONVERSION, SEMANTIC_ANALYSIS, CANONICALIZATION, INSTRUCTION_SELECTION.

2. Also, it would be nice to see some explanation of guard clauses. MainTransformation (from page 21smilie can be applied only to methods. Why do we check that we have 2 elements in astNodes and the second one is MethodNode? I don't see why we are doing it.

HamletDRC (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Can't Compile Code Snippets in Chapter 9
Thanks for the feedback. I will update the chapter with this info.

The compiler phase descriptions is a tough one, because we're already at 54 pages for the chapter. I'll see what we can do though.