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Hi Ian,

Maybe the topic of setting up custom reports for administrators (Performance Dashboard) is of interest (I think so).

Microsoft released a set of performance reports with SQL Server 2005 (SP2 is a minimal requirement). See:

To help with the installation of it, this link was helpful for me:

For SQL Server 2008, I found this blog contain valuable information:

Thank you for the great information in the book, I use it an awfully lot more than I expected when I bought the MEAP.

Arno Tolmeijer
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Re: SQL Server Custom Reports - Performance Dashboard
Hi Arno,

Yes you are right, the dashboard reports are very useful, and underneath they are using many of the DMVs discussed in the book. In fact, many of the book’s scripts could be included as new reports for the Dashboard.

The Performance Dashboard is one of the areas I thought about including in the book, but there is never enough time to include everything. At least you have recorded them here together with some useful references.

I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I think you were as surprised as I was to discover how useful this much neglected area could be!