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m.dr (70) [Avatar] Offline
New to Tuscany and following SCA in Action. Have a question on a webapp I created using the Maven tasks.
The webapp works fine as a single composite - broken up by several components.
However when I create several composites (different contributions using Maven tasks) and wire them together - again webapp compiles and sets up in Jetty fine. When I hit a component that has a reference in a separate composite I get an error as below:
Problem accessing /qmApp/. Reason: Unable to bind (@31214809)EndpointReference: URI = QueryServiceComponent#reference(queryController) WIRED_TARGET_NOT_FOUND Target = (@3751575)Endpoint: URI = QueryController#service(QueryControllerService) [Unresolved]

The QueryController/QueryControllerService is setup as a reference.
Its a small app and I have looked at the configs in detail and think they are correct. Of course Maven compiles all of them fine - and as I said deploys fine as well.

However I am not sure I am loading the QueryController (the other contribution/composite/reference - setup as a service) properly. I have checked the composite file quite thoroughly and relevant code. I can upload them if needed.
I assume when the war is build all the dependent jars are packaged in by Maven and when Jetty starts the Tuscany API sorts out the dependencies? Or is there anything else I need to do for this quite simple setup? But a setup that involves a webapp with different contributions.

The reason I ask is also because the webapp generated by Maven does not have a sca-contribution.xml file where I import / export other packages.
simon.nash (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Webapp Configuration: with multiple Contribution / Composites
I see that you have posted this question to the Tuscany user list as well. The Tuscany developers monitor the user list, so hopefully you will get a response there.