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The first paragraph on page 9 gets truncated half way through the 7th line, "Additional components...". Page 11, beneath Channel Adapter heading, there is no content but it looks like you can "select" hidden content there with the mouse. Same at the top of pages 12 and 13. I tried opening it in Apple Preview and Acrobat Pro.

Not sure if this is a rendering error or it is content which hasn't been written yet.
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Re: Errors in 3/14/2011 pdf
I'm seeing similar stuff.
For example
Page 9: 1.2.3 Message Channels
Big blank space cut off words

Page 10: Big empty space where there must be words
In Adobe Reader I can select the hidden text, copy and paste, and read it in another
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Re: Errors in 3/14/2011 pdf
This appears to be caused by the figures overlaying the text. Some figures does not display at all, like figure 1.6 on page 11 under the heading Channel Adapter, covering all the text under this heading. Others, like figure 1.5 on page 10, covers the text above the figure (the figure seems to have a large blank region above the illustration). The latter condition is clearly visible on page 29 where only part of the text is covered.

Tip: You can "recover" the text by selecting and copying the "invisible text" around these areas and pasting it into, say, notepad.