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bbaron (61) [Avatar] Offline
I'm looking to incorporate some Groovy in projects at work to process XML. Is the content on XML in the 1st edition still current enough to be useful, or should I look elsewhere for more up to date information and tutorials?

I've noticed grumblings on this forum from MEAP customers about the slow of pace of progress. Chapter 9 has just been released, but that covers meta-programming and AST. That sounds cool and advanced and I wish I had more time to learn about it, but the reality is, the bread and butter of enterprise programming includes XML, among other topics that peaked in coolness factor circa 2003.

Hey, if I can replace the tedious, verbose Java XML code with the concise API's Groovy can offer, that's coolness factor enough for me, dude!

Let's please get our priorities aligned with the customer's priorities (unless I'm in the minority on this).

Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Groovy and XML
Hi Bruce,

thanks a lot for your feedback!

We're always glad to hear about customer priorities. We had much demand for covering AST (new topic, not much info online), but certainly XML is important, too.

The good news is: the Groovy XML support was already very mature when we released the first edition and it is one of the most stable topics between the editions. Since you seem to have the first edition, you can very well go with that. All the introduction is still valid and even the advanced sections should be. The last part about WebServices with SOAP needs some updates, though.

Please let us know when you hit something that appears to be outdated.

Thanks a lot
bbaron (61) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Groovy and XML
Aha, consuming Web Services with SOAP is exactly the use case I have in mind for a command line utility I'm developing, and I think groovy would be ideal for this type of thing.