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MikB (202) [Avatar] Offline
It's somewhat bewildering in the Web Flow chapter in the Spizza example that the bean pizzaFlowActions is unknown. Is this written from scratch or extending or implementing some Spring class or interface and what is the role of this in the application? Is it just a DAO? I'd like to see some reasoning about the involved objects at least.

Partial Code from Listing 8.1:

<action-state id="saveOrder">
<evaluate expression="pizzaFlowActions.saveOrder(order)" />
<transition to="thankCustomer" />
MikB (202) [Avatar] Offline
Re: FlowActions in Web Flow 8.3.1
I let pizzaFlowActions implement org.springframework.webflow.execution.Action for now and put my saveOrder method there, but I'm not sure this feels as the best solution. Perhaps pizzaFlowActions is a MultiAction object? Which could delegate different Actions to be made in the flow to services, like service.OrderServiceImpl of the source from 2nd ed, or to the Entities themselves (if using ActiveRecord pattern)?
MikB (202) [Avatar] Offline
Re: FlowActions in Web Flow 8.3.1
I hope this will be made clear in the source code accompanying the book, because it's too vague in the book.
Anyone have any insight into this pizzaFlowActions bean and the role it's playing in the spizza app?
gregopad39 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: FlowActions in Web Flow 8.3.1
This comes from :
<context:component-scan base-package="" />

located in the flow.xml