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boyarsky (67) [Avatar] Offline
I read the first four chapters this week. Overall, the book is readable and has some excellent points. Three little comments:
1) Chapter 1 page 10 - refers to 'my previous book, "Test Driven"'. Obviously this is Lasse's book. But Roy is listed as the lead author so "my" was confusing. A lot of what I've read sounds like Lasse for that matter, but maybe the authors have similar writing styles.
2) Chapter 3, page 8 - love the Lego reference
3) Chatper 4, page 4 - says assertThat was introduced in JUnit 4. It was actually introduced in 4.4 so it is possible for someone to be on JUnit 4 and not have it available. Worth mentioning?

Now that I see this forum was started in 2009, I wonder if the book is on hold. Hope not. I really enjoyed Lasse's "Test Driven" and read a chapter of the .NET version this title in the bookstore which was also good. (The publisher offered to send the .NET one at that time for review but I didn't want to read a whole .NET book; don't have the detailed background.)