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threecuptea (1) [Avatar] Offline
I start reading this book and also learn from book source. I have the following test using the BookIndex (total 13 books indexed). I have 4 numeric range query.
Part1: range query pubmonth >= 201001, expected result 2
Part2: range query pubmonth <= 199912, expected result 4
Part3: range query in between pubmonth: <= 200912 and >=200001, expected result 7(13-2-4)
Part4: not in range query: query string printed as
-pubmonth:[200001 TO 200912], expected 6 (2+4)

Everything work fine except for part4. I got 0 instead of 6.
The followings are codes snippet.

public void testMisc() throws Exception {
Directory dir = TestUtil.getBookIndexDirectory();
IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(dir);
int totalDoc = searcher.maxDoc();//document id starts with 0
System.out.println("totalDoc= "+totalDoc);
Query greaterThanQuery = NumericRangeQuery.newIntRange("pubmonth", 201001, 999999, true, true);
TopDocs greaterThanMatches =, 20);
assertEquals(2, greaterThanMatches.totalHits);
Query lessThanQuery = NumericRangeQuery.newIntRange("pubmonth", 111111, 199912, true, true);
TopDocs lessThanMatches =, 20);
Query inRangeQuery = NumericRangeQuery.newIntRange("pubmonth", 200001, 200912, true, true);
TopDocs inRangeMatches =, 20);
assertEquals(totalDoc - greaterThanMatches.totalHits - lessThanMatches.totalHits, inRangeMatches.totalHits);
assertEquals(7, inRangeMatches.totalHits);
BooleanQuery notInRangeQuery = new BooleanQuery();
notInRangeQuery.add(inRangeQuery, BooleanClause.Occur.MUST_NOT);

TopDocs notInRangeMatches =, 20);
System.out.println("Not= "+notInRangeQuery);
assertEquals(greaterThanMatches.totalHits + lessThanMatches.totalHits, notInRangeMatches.totalHits);
assertEquals(6, notInRangeMatches.totalHits);

ErikHatcher (211) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Not in numeric range does not work as expected
Purely negative queries don't work as one might expect. To get this to work, AND this negative query to a MatchAllDocsQuery (as a MUST or SHOULD clause, won't matter).