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So, if I were a developer that hasn't used Java for five years, would this be a good place to get back up to speed?

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Re: Who this book is for
Hi Nick,

You might find that you need a quick refresher through some online materials or a basic Java textbook, to help you get going.

After that, The Well-Grounded Java Developer should be a great book to help you get back up to speed. One of our big aims is to show that the being a good Java developer doesn't stop with just knowing the keywords and core APIs.

We want to explain topics like modern approaches to concurrency, performance tuning, introduction to bytecode as well as non-Java languages on the JVM and how they can be used to give a fresh look at things like Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and rapid web development.

So, yes, we'd really hope that the book would provide good value and useful information for someone in your position.

By the way, if you decide to participate in our MEAP, please give us as much feedback in this forum as you want - especially about what doesn't work or is confusing. We want our book to be a great resource for our readers, and want as much honest feedback and criticism as we can get.