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Will this book cover Android 3?
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Re: Android 3.0

We're currently working on some changes to cover core API features we think will end up in 2.4 (or whatever it ends up being called). This would include things like Activity fragments and RenderScript. And, we're adding a chapter to specifically deal with 3.0/tablets. We'll also be moving some of the later "alternative language" stuff into an appendix (which just means we'll cover it on a smaller scale and using a different format).

That said, I'd also like to stress that we *dont* want to focus on a particular version too much, anywhere. We want to get across how to use the core features/APIs and how to do so across different versions. We want to help readers gain an understanding and develop a skill set that transcends a particular version. That's a balancing act though, we realize that. Sometimes key APIs are introduced, or change, and that matters and deserves coverage. That's why we are adding some stuff for 3.0, but we also want to keep the overall feel as version agnostic as possible.