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Is there any way with I could get an advanced peek at this code when the source is updated on this issue.

I am in trying get a widget (remote client) to bind to a service through the IPC mechanism. What is not clear to me is the role and configuration of the proxy packaging in a remote client. Using Set<> str coeucture????? I would have thought the Activity manager would not mind handling either (Internal or external). An unit example of would be really helpful.

Also l would love to understand how the alarm manager wake lock mechanism works in its entirety. Your text is helpful. But I do not see the whole picture. How do you configure the broadcast receiver in the manifest? For example. Again, a simplified unit example of would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Meap-Source code
I guess I did not articulate myself, very well.

The full integrated examples like the Portfolio Stock Update are really good and very helpful. I think these are essential ingredients.

In addition what would be really helpful is to have simple almost shell skeleton examples of a particular concept. For example the alarm manager using a Wakelock
The example would have just the absolute minimum to work. no bulletproofing, no frills.nothing extra. But do provide all the project files so we can see what is going on by compiling the example and using debugger. Or by one or two line tinkering.

Charlie's blog has code on Screaming Penguin are good examples. And also Sai Geetha examples are also really good.

This samples would provide almost building blocks for techies at my level. We are looking forward to getting to your level.

Mat Hallam-Eames