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copernicus (1) [Avatar] Offline
First, thanks a ton for the hard work on this book. I'm glad to now have the full second ed. A burning question I have as I'm pouring through trying to see if this is possible and covered in the book:

> Is it possible to get the surrounding text of a query hit? So if you are indexing a book by page, where each page represents an indexed Document, ultimately, you want to know how many times the query term occurs in the entire book and display a snippet of the surrounding text of those hits (going beyond just getting the Document that has 1+ hits in it). E.g. query:"scanner" had 17 hits in 13 Documents:
Hit 1 (in Doc 1): "... a top notch *scanner* is the Canon ..."
Hit 2 (also in Doc 1): "... with Xerox's 411 *scanner* your options ..."

Is this possible and/or covered in Lucene in Action?! I would be thrilled if the answer is yes. I know this probably would entail storing the text content in the field:
doc.Add(new Field(contentFieldName, content, Field.Store.YES, Field.Index.ANALYZED));

Thanks a million,
otis (156) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Displaying hit context, is this covered in LIA?

Have a look at the section about highlighting. See also