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liam27 (15) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, I just thought I'd give my experiences working with Python text editors on Mac.

I used IDLE for a while (which was minimal but okay), and at your recommendation switched to SPE. While I haven't tried on it on Windows or Linux, the Mac port is extremely hard-to-use, buggy, and un-intuitive for a Mac user. When the Mac App Store opened, I was excited to see a (free!) programming text editor actually built ground up for the Mac. After downloading and playing for a bit, I switched over completely.

I've been using it about a month now, and am completely satisfied. The "tray" approach to multiple files is great, and everything seems easy to figure out and use. The lack of a "run" key command is easily solved by adding a shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard. And no, I'm not affiliated with the developers in any way. smilie

I'm sure SPE probably works great on other OSes, but I'm putting this out here for Mac users who love this book, but am just as frustrated with SPE as I was. Just search for "TextWrangler" in the App Store.

DandDad (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Text editor
I'm glad you like TextWrangler. I use it all the time for html and occasionally for perl but I'm not sure why you feel it's superior to IDLE for Python.

As far as I can tell it lacks the most compelling features of IDLE: syntax assistance, debugging, and syntax coloring.

IDLE is ugly but I feel it serves its function.

Just my 2 cents.