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After having imported data with shp2pgsql, I found apparently empty fields in the geom column. The same applies to the us.states table when the transformation, simplification,etc. have been done. OpenJump renders flawless maps from both tables and queries for checking the area, geometry type etc. of the geom column return
valid values for the empty fields as well. What is the reason of this?
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Re: Empty geom fields in the 'states' example
They are big geometries. If you are using PgAdmin, they won't show up. It's an issue with PgAdmin that is shows blank large geometries.

The easiest way to make sure there is data is to do an


Then you'll see just how big everything is.

Hmm -- I thought we had this in the PostGIS FAQ, but I see we don't. It's funny because I think you are the 20th person that has asked this and everytime someone brings it up in the newsgroup everyone exclaims "We really should put this in the FAQ". I guess we all assumed by chanting that enough it would magically happen. Anyrate promise to remember this time.
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Re: Empty geom fields in the 'states' example
All jokes are funny for a newborn...smilie
Thanks, anyway.