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I realize that classloading and custom annotations are not new but they seem to be things that a Well Grounded Java Developer should know and may not be covered that well elsewhere. Especially classloading ! I may be wrong but I don't think either Core Java or Thinking in Java cover it. Generics might be a good addition as well.
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Re: Suggested Topics

Thanks for the suggestions.

We do cover some material on classloading, but it doesn't have its own section - some of it is covered in Chapter 1, with some more material about load vs link time in Chapter 6, where we explain about the verifier. We'll have a think about where we could put an overview section.

Custom annotations is a good suggestion as well - we originally had a section about Type Annotations (JSR 30smilie - but they were moved to JDK 8, so we took that section out. Perhaps we could look to include a review of custom annotations in thier place.