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alsor (4) [Avatar] Offline
I'm a little confused after reading section 3.4.2. It states that "The following code illustrates TermRangeQuery, searching for all books whose title begins with any letter from d to j". But how it is possible? I mean, lexicographically "j" is lesser that anything starting with "j" (like "junit"). And actually the test method confirm that.

It returns these three books:
title2:imperial secrets of health and longevity
title2:gödel, escher, bach: an eternal golden braid
title2:extreme programming explained

But we also have this book indexed:
title2:junit in action, second edition

Actually it is expected behaviour for me, but the text is confusing.
mike.mccandless (221) [Avatar] Offline
Re: TermRangeQuery and lexicographical ordering
Yeah I agree the prose would've been better if I said "to j (exclusive)", ie, it accepts titles up until but not including j.