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RobertGloverJr (30) [Avatar] Offline
I would like Craig to include some comments, thoughts, and suggestions on the general subject of the transition of Spring from an open source organization into a "for profit" concern.

For example, I would like Craig to point out there is an excellent, very helpful product named "MyEclipse for Spring" which can be a fantastic help to programmers who wish to get up to speed quickly with Spring.

MyEclipse for Spring has many compelling features, including the ability to generate complete Spring applications that are well documented and well written. Best of all, MyEclipse for Spring lets the developer choose whether the automatically generated Spring application will use Maven, or will instead not use Maven and be completely generated with the proper jar files "automagically" placed where they need to be as part of the generation.

Spring, which has morphed into a "for profit" company that is a subsidiary of Vmware, acts is if "MyEclipse for Spring" does not exist and never, ever mentions it.

I think that Craig, in his role as an independent author, would be remiss to not mention MyEclipse for Spring.

Similarly, I would like Craig to mention and comment on the change in Spring's philosophy whereby examples are no longer included in the download of Spring. Instead, the only way to get Spring examples is to check them out from a subversion repository. Craig might comment on the hardship this causes to some professional developers who work in corporations where the corporate firewall makes it impossible to check the Spring examples out of subversion from their work computers.

Finally, I would like Craig to mention and comment about the shift in Spring's approach whereby it is becoming increasingly more difficult to use Spring unless Maven is also used. For example, the Spring examples (which must be downloaded from a subversion repository) will for the most part not build or run without the presence of Maven.