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RobertGloverJr (30) [Avatar] Offline
I really enjoy reading this book. The writing style is excellent and it is fun and informative to read.

I do feel however that the explanations of "<set>" and "<list>" in 2.2.4 "Wiring Collections" could benefit from more elaboration.

In the example of "<set>" Craig shows a "<set>" in XML named "Instruments" that contains '<ref bean="harmonica"/>' twice. Then in the explanation it says that a "<set>' can be used to configure a java.util.List, and adds that doing so guarantees all members of the List are unique.

Craig shows java examples of Instruments defined as a java.util.List, as a java Collection, and as an array. However there is no example of Instruments being defined as a java.util.Set.

Honestly, I am confused by this more than seems necessary. The difference between <set> and <list> is confusing because apparantly a <set> can be used to define a java.util.List. It seems to me this merits some additional explanation.