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I am having problems with python, starting with ch 10 (the skier game) where I can have the exact same code as is given in the example, but it won't run the same. I've checked my code several times and can't find any discrepancies between it and the example. But when I try to run the skier game, it freezes up. No error messages or anything, it just opens a pygame window that is all black, then freezes up. However, if I open the example file of skier, it works just fine. I moved on to chapter 11 with the nested loops, and when I try to run the numStars program, it gives me one star in each row for however many stars i requested. I try listing 11.2 have the same problem. Again, I opened the example file and it worked perfectly! I don't understand what the problem could be.

I also can not locate SPE anywhere in what I downloaded. Is there somewhere else I can download this from?
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Re: problems with skier and spe
You might want to carefully check the Skier code you typed in. If the downloaded code runs fine, there must be some difference. Especially pay attention to indenting.

Indenting could also be the problem with the stars program.

SPE is installed by our installer. If you look in the Start Menu (assuming you are running Windows) you will see an entry for "Stani's Python Editor". The actual location of the file (in Windows) is: "Csmilierogram FilesSPE\"

If you re-check your code and can't find the problem, send it as an attachment to and we'll have a look at it.

Warren Sande
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Re: problems with skier and spe
I was able to find spe, my computer put that somewhere very odd, I only found it by accident.

I'll check my code again; see if I can find anything.
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Re: problems with skier and spe
Finally found it! Had to have someone else look it over and they found my problem. One little misspelling. I'm gonna guess that's one of the hardest parts of programming.