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Hi, I'm using MacRuby 0.8 and XCode & InterfaceBuilder 3.2.4, and reading the MEAP version 2 of the book.

I can't get my outlets detected by IB in HelloWorld example.

I've exactly copied listing 1.3 in a correctly named HelloWorldController.rb file inside the classes virtual directory, added a Object to the main document window, marked its class as HelloWorldController, correctly named both the label and the button and can't make IB display the controller outlets. But, even after checking everything several times, the IB only displays "New referencing outlet" in the controller connections' tab.

I even tried to inherit the HelloWorldController class from NSWindowController and that added the window outlet, but I guess that's not what I needed (it could be useful to give some hints about which are the best cases to inherit from NSWindowController).

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Re: About Controllers and detecting outlets
Ok, I reinstalled MacRuby and outlets seem to be correctly detected now smilie