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luke.bace (66) [Avatar] Offline
Please post all errata here.
brainey (1) [Avatar] Offline
page 152 listing 3.2
This isn't exactly an error, but could be kind of confusing.

The code sample in listing 3.2 does produce a sine curve, but is missing a size function call to make the stage big enough to see the curve.

Based on the gray line, and stroke color/weight, I'd assume we're using the same setup code as the Perlin noise example, but a newbie might not get this.
davidgb (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errors and Corrections
On page 141 of my pdf version. The second page of Section 3.1 Randomness and not-so-randomness.

It is stated that any random range can be expressed as:

float randnum = (random(1) * (max+min)) – min;

But I believe the correct expression is:

float randnum = (random(1) * (max - min)) + min;

The minus and the plus are switched around.

Thanks. I have been enjoying the meap! The first two chapters are excellent.
davidgb (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errors and Corrections
In Chapter 4.

Code Listing 4.4 100 Spirals, with noise.

The variable "int endangle = 1440 + int(random(1440));" is not used.

It should be in the for loop.


for (float ang = startangle; ang <= 1440 + random(1440); ang += anglestep)


for (float ang = startangle; ang <= endangle; ang += anglestep)

Also, the section heading for section "4.1.4 Creating our own noise, revisited" is currently labeled 4.1.3, but should be 4.1.4.

Thanks! Chapter 4 is fun!
haha1111 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errors and Corrections
You say neighbour, I say neighbor.
Page 131 Listing 7.1:
function calls to: _cellArray[x][y].addNeighbour();
Page 132:
function declared as: void addNeighbor(){};

[Insert american vs. old english spelling joke here]
haha1111 (5) [Avatar] Offline
One more neighbour
Assuming neighbor is the proper spelling smilie
One more in Listing 7.5 page 144:
for (int i=0; i < neighbours.length; i++) {

Multiple neighbors in Listing 7.5 will appreciate this correction.
wHolt (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errors and Corrections
on page 39, replace until with while