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Please post all Errors and Corrections to this thread. Thanks.
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Re: Errors and Corrections
Today the first three chapters in MEAP have been updated. Unfortunately, these delivered chapters are not the most recent ones. I'm sure Manning will replace these chapters very quickly with the revision that was approved by the author. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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Re: Errors and Corrections
- p13: "The Agile ALM approach results in processes and lightweight toochains that are flexible, open to change and high in quality.". Toolchain needs an 'l'
- p20: "Focusing on just the technical view does improve the quality of software development." Should there be not in that sentence?
- p32: "This technical support, end to end referencing does provides much more scale than using XP's story cards....". Isnt it "does provide"?
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Re: Errors and Corrections
thanks for your hints, you are absolutely right! The first item was already fixed in the recent, corrected version. I've now also fixed the two other items.
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Re: Errors and Corrections
At some point in the book you write that one should not install a subversion repository server on windows. Could you please explain why. Perhaps in a footnote in the book

"We neither discuss the individual tools in the every detail nor do we document all the installation steps (enough documentation can be found on official web sites)"
I think there is a "the" to much.

btw thanks for a great book smilie
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Re: Errors and Corrections
Thanks for the feedback and the kind words smilie I will check that, the book is in production (delivery in April); half of the book is copyedited already, this has further optimized the text of course.
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Re: Errors and Corrections
Some more delays gave me the opportunity to add the information about Subversion on Windows. Thanks again for the pointer.
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Re: Errors and Corrections
Section 3.2.3, page 54
"There is no better validation for functionally correct implementation than funpubctional tests."
functional is misspelled. Should implementation be implementations?

Section 4.3, page 80
"Trac contains an own Wiki, and can be integrated with a Continuous Integration server (for example Hudson, see section 4.2 how traceability on the build server can look like, to track back changes)."
Should be "Trac contains its own Wiki"

Section 5.1, page 88
"Ideally, the developers should use the same Maven build for own private builds as is used for the “official” builds on the central CI server."
Should it be "Maven build for their own private"?