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As I see such a huge flurry of comments and markup, it actually inhibits me from further reading the MEAP I have. I don't want to spend a lot of time providing comments and corrections about issues that others have already found, and the forum is not a good tool for finding previous reports.

As an aside, for these prerelease manuscripts, maybe a bugzilla --- with its features for finding pre-existing bugs, and the ability to mark bugs as cleared, duplicate, etc. --- would be a better choice than this kind of forum. We really are beta-testers and bug reporters, rather than people conducting a free-form discussion, so the forum is really a bad tool.

Anyway, it would help if you were to pick a time to issue a new copy of the manuscript, so that "beta testers" could just go over it and pretty safely assume that any issues they find are new bugs, instead of old ones.

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Re: When can we expect a new MEAP?
Indeed, it has been over 5 months now.

Message was edited by: kencausey, nixed the comment about chapter numbers since the relevant forum posts predate the last MEAP update.
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Re: When can we expect a new MEAP?
I agree. A MEAP update would be excellent!
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Re: When can we expect a new MEAP?
It's my understanding that a new MEAP is on the way, perhaps within a week or two.

Sorry we haven't been more communicative on this. As authors we have hardly any more visibility into the process than you do.