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lutzhank (61) [Avatar] Offline
MEAP 11/02/2010

1) 3.6 first paragraph second line
orig: "...classes could be appear..."

suggestion: "...classes could appear..." (deleted "be")

2) Second paragraph (sub paragraph) last sentence:
orig: "Both can take type parameters,...."

Because you talk about "traits can’t take any parameters", but in the next sentence here they could have type parameters, I suggest the word "though"
Therefore: "Both can take type parameters though,...."

3) Second paragraph (sub paragraph) last line
orig: "...discuss in the next chapter."

Reason for suggestion: To be able to search for references to chapter 4 later on and
the reader may feel lost in a whole chapter.

Suggestion: be more specific => "...discuss in section 4.1."

4) Third paragraph (second main paragraph) third line
orig: "...and a database is consists of multiple collections"

suggestion: "...and a database consists of multiple collections."

5) Third paragraph (second main paragraph), second last sentence
orig: "In Scala to do something like this we could use a trait."

Alternative description, which uses repetition and emphasizing more the language construct character of Scala:
"For slicing these views, Scala offers a construct known as trait."

6) Third main paragraph last line
orig: " collection interface will look."

suggestion: " collection interface will look like."

7) Third main paragraph second last line
orig: "...a read-only collection,..."

At this point of reading I had no problem with the naming of the trait "ReadOnly" representing a read only collection. But when I read about the "trait Updatable extends ReadOnly" in Listing 3.6 I couldn't let go of the violation of the "is a" relationship.

An Updatable being a ReadOnly was distracting.

Therefore suggestion: consider renaming it to e.g. "Reader" or "ReadingCollection". Then an "Updatable" could easily be a "ReadingCollection".

smilie First paragraph after Listing 3.5, second last line
orig: "...without using the . operator."

The "." could easily be overlooked (e.g. on my kindle) and I think it's not an operator but a delimiter (period) in the Scala syntax.

Therefore suggestion: "...without using the . (period)"

9) First paragraph after Listing 3.5, last line
orig: "...can invoke methods like the infix operator "

And not only operators with only one parameter (as I thought till now).

Therefore suggestion: "...can invoke any methods like an infix operator, though with multiple arguments these have to be put in parentheses e.g. "ScalaInAction" substring (7, 13)".

Corrected MEAP version
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