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verket (34) [Avatar] Offline
p. 64: "I originally thought about...". This sentence undermines your "authority". The text may well do without it. Just say "I decided to include this chapter for three reasons".
p. 67: title "Understand where the value coming from" should be "Understand where the value is coming from"
p. 67: "... how much is this worth" should be "how much this is worth"
p. 70 "counter-party relationships" was unclear as a term to me, what exactly is this? Apparently this means "clients of the bank". Later in this paragraph the term is spelled without the "-"
p. 70-71: "Asking how something would be useful" A common technique for this is to "act stupid", say that you don't understand and you need an example. This will make people use other words, other ways of explaining, and they will use examples.
p. 71: "Asking for an alternative solution": the title and the example talk about different things: the example is about a work around when this is not implemented and the title about an alternative solution. I think this should be about a work around.
p. 73: the paragraph starting with "Even without high-level control..." should be on page 70, just before "Try this (VIP): Ask how something would be useful"