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as mostly they are tools based, I can enjoy them quickly smilie

It is great it touches a lot of detail and connect them in ALM, which is mostly missed in other books.

Below are minor comments
P177: sonatype's maven studio for eclipse
Probably it is replaced by sonatype professional now (, and it has great supports with hudson integration instead of simple launch hudson builds

(and I understand, it is difficult to catch the latest tool version for long time for writing of the book, so just comments smilie

And general comments for this, please state the version number for most of the tools, so it will not confuse people (may read in 2012) if they use latest which is quite different with current tool

P241, chapter 8.3.2 , it should be 7.3.2
P242, i like this page, it describes excellent background and use case for git-svn
P243, for git-svn example in detail, it could be improved
Git-svn clone phase
- if you use git svn clone, then git svn fetch could be avoid for first step during clone
- git svn fetch is used with git svn init in most case (git svn clone combine two)

git stash
it doesn't use git's advance features (branch), git stash is quite weak for feature level development.
Mostly we should use different feature branch to deal with svn repo.
could take a look at below for reference
and also give a reference to since it touched git-svn but not detail.
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Re: comments on chapter 6&7
thank you, nice to hear that you like this chapter as well. smilie

Right, for a book that covers concepts and tools, the timing of publishing is very important. I will update p177 to fit to the recent name of the tool.

René will double-check the git-svn section. As soon as I will get back the result of Manning's recent editing cycle, they announced to finish editing all chapters by Christmas 2010, I will gladly go through this chapter again, with your comments on my desk.

thanks for your great feedback!