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lutzhank (61) [Avatar] Offline
MEAP 11/02/2010

1) Paragraph at the middle of the page
orig: "You’ll learn about importing in the next section"

This sentence leads the attention to importing and the next section (distracting from the current discussion around MongoDB) and could be more unspecific (3.4 rather than next section).

Therefore suggestion: make it a foot note with the reference to 3.4 like
"You’ll learn about importing in section 3.4"

2) Last paragraph
orig: "The underlying instance instantiates the underlying instance value too."

Focus is more on the variable name (underlying), though the concepts might be easier to follow with more focus on the classes, rather than the variable names.

I would also suggest to join and shorten the two sentences.

Therefore suggestion:
"The Mongo instance underlying, created while Scala processes the primary constructor, will hold the connection to MongoDB." // or something like that.

Or do you want to express, that the scala compiler scalac generates the code to instantiate an instance of Mongo during runtime?

3) Last paragraph last sentence
orig: "In the following example we’re creating a..."

I am missing the bridge from the explanation to the example.

Therefore suggestion:
"To demonstrate this ... see at the following example, where we..."

Corrected MEAP version
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