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strange feelings for this chapter. (maybe I am totally wrong)

It is good to describe Scrum in another angle, and this is as author said it is more practical.

But in another hand, it will confuse people who has less knowledge of scrum and even lead into wrong direction. Because in the beginning of this chapter it is stated
- an overview of scrum and scrum at glance

For example:
- p72, scrum master : maintain the process
it is more that maintain the process, it is one core role for the organization to deploy scrum
- p81, touched the retrospective meeting, but not describe when it will really happen (in scrum it is done after review meeting, it is slight different with before planning meeting)

My small recommendation is to give official scrum overview then add own explaination from ALM point of view (which I love this since I read too many scrum introduction).

Some books like to refer to official Scrum Primer when introducing scrum

Others for version control system p88 (ch3.4.1)
nowadays (with this book is released), git is more popular compare to svn, and compare to svn, it is also opensource flexible.
Wooh, anyway, I like the description for svn in this chapter.

Continue for mylyn now.
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Re: comments on chapter 3
I've incorporated your thoughts ... thanks!!
nice to hear that you like the other angle.